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Vessel Name: Ombango

Ownership: IRD, Centre de Pointe Noire

Dimensions: 22.75

Vessel Name: Salsabil

Dimensions: 30.71x7.4

Gross Tonnage: 178

Year Built: 1989

Home Port: Alexandria

Vessel Name: Yarmouk

Vessel Name: RV Meiring Naudé

Gross Tonnage: 360

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 8

Research Equipment: 3000 m 8mm conductor cable, CTD, XBT, current measurement on station, computerised data collection, echo sounder, SONAR, accurate navigation (hydrodist, DECCA, terrafix, radar transponding).

Vessel Name: FRS Algoa.

Ownership: Marine and Coastal Management of the South African Dept of Environmental Affairs. Operated by Smit Marine

Dimensions: 52x10.8

Gross Tonnage: 759

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 12

Research Equipment: 6 labs and computer room. 3500 m steel cable, 2000m conducting cable.",

Vessel Name: Sardinops

Ownership: Sea Fishery Research Institute (SFRI)

Vessel Name: RS Ellen Khuzwayo.

Ownership: Marine and Coastal Management, Department of Environmental Affairs

Dimensions: 43.2

Year Built: 2007

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 21

Research Equipment: Six winches (incl. CTD, towing, vertical, long line), A-frame, Seabird CTD, ADCP, echo sounders, Extensive navigation and comms.",

Vessel Name: Benguela.

Ownership: Sea Fishery Research Institute (SFRI) (initially a Namibian vessel)

Vessel Name: SAS Natal.

Dimensions: 43.2

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 21

Vessel Name: SA Agulhas II

Ownership: South African Governmen

Dimensions: 111.95

Maximum Persons Capacity: 40

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 98