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Vessel Name: RV Baia Farta

Dimensions: 74.1x16.4

Gross Tonnage: 3209

Maximum Persons Capacity: 29

Research Equipment: Simrad EK80 scientific split beam echo sounder, Simrad ME70 scientific multi-beam system, Simrad MS70 Scientific multi-beam 4D sonar Simrad SU90 omni-directional sonar, Simrad PI and FX80 trawl monitoring system

Vessel Name: NNS LANA (OCEA OSV 190 SC-WB)

Ownership: Nigerian Navy

Dimensions: 60.1 length

Maximum Persons Capacity: 34

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 16

Operational Status: 1

Research Equipment: deep water multibeam echosounder side scan sonar, single beam depth-water sounder Current meter -laboratory hardware and software as well as equipment and systems for sampling, storage and analysis of water, fish and sediment.

Vessel Name: R.V. Bayagbona

Ownership: Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR)

Dimensions: 36.39 meters length

Maximum Persons Capacity: 18

Research Equipment: SIMRAD EK60 fishery echosounder KONGSBERG EA400 echosounder WESMAR HP850 hull sonar KLEIN 3000 side scan sonar VALEPORT CTD Phlegger corer and Van-Veen sampler Physical/chemical laboratory, dry laboratory, wet laboratory SIMRAD EK60 fishery echosounder KONGSBERG EA400 echosounder Multipurpose Trawl Winch with 4 drums and ca. 9 tons pull at half drum Sonar winch CTD winch Knuckle-boom crane

Vessel Name: RV Islândia

Ownership: The Ocean Science Centre Mindelo - IMAR

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 9

Research Equipment: CTD rosette for water profiling &, sampling (600 m depth rating) Small plankton net HydroBios MultiNet J-frame for deployment of instruments over the side Fixed A-frame aft for towing and deployment of small instruments Crane for lifting of gear on working deck Small lab room and additonal 10-foot lab container Small zodiac (~ 4 m) with outboard engine Deployment and recovery of autonomous platforms (e.g. glider, floats etc.) Echosounder SIMRAD EK80

Vessel Name: RV Basurato

Ownership: The Instituto Nacional de Hidrografia e Navigacao (INAHINA)

Vessel Name: Normamd Fronti

Ownership: Norway-Owned but operating off Angola Coastline

Vessel Name: RV Mirabilis

Ownership: Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Republic of Namibia

Dimensions: 62.4x14.3

Year Built: 2011

Maximum Persons Capacity: 44

Maximum Number Of Scientists: 1

Operational Status: 1

Research Equipment: two radars two ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) bridge workstations. ",

Vessel Name: DADAO

Ownership: Gabon

Dimensions: 56x10

Gross Tonnage: 497

Year Built: 1996

Operational Status: 1

Vessel Name: Unknown name

Ownership: Gambia Navy

Dimensions: 38x1.8