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IOC/OTGA/BMKG: The Ocean Forecast System Course: Coastal Resilience and Disaster Risk- online
From Monday 15 August 2022 -  08:00am
To Friday 02 September 2022 - 05:00pm
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Course description:

The Ocean Forecast System provides information on early marine weather conditions, especially during extreme events. The next level of the Ocean Forecast System utilization is to understand the coastal resilience in order to be able to mitigate the disaster risk. This course brings the practical and analytical knowledge of the Ocean Forecast System (OFS) to approach and analyze coastal resilience, and then mitigate the disaster risk, during the extreme event, in particular.

Learning outcomes:

    1. Describe the CRDR concepts in terms of Advanced OFS


    1. Apply the pre-processing steps for the tools and data preparation (including Delft3D)


    1. Explain on how to interpret the model output in the research/projected area


  1. Describe the know-how on providing early warning or forecast for coastal extreme events


Target audience:

    1. Meteorologist


    1. Oceanographer


    1. Researcher


    1. Marine Data Analyst


    1. Marine Forecaster (who has the daily tasks and responsibilities for ocean/ coastal modeling)


Language of instruction: English


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