Lighthouse Foundation — Coastal and Marine Conservation

The Lighthouse Foundation (LF) promotes science and research, teaching, culture, and the principles of environmentalism and international development in relation to the world’s seas and oceans. In ac­cord­ance with the ori­ent­a­tion of the LF, pro­jects and meas­ures must have a mari­time theme and be suit­able as mod­els for fol­low-up pro­jects and meas­ures in other re­gions of the world. They must be of such a nature as to make people in other re­gions re­cept­ive to the theme and make a con­crete con­tri­bu­tion to an en­hanced aware­ness of the mari­time world.

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Marine Stewardship Council Ocean Stewardship Fund

MSC awards grants of up to £50,000 for research projects that help fisheries meet and maintain sustainability best practice. This includes projects aimed at closing conditions of MSC certification.

This year we particularly welcome projects focusing on improving harvest strategies/harvest control rules and ensuring bait used to catch fish comes from a sustainable source.

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Marine Research Grant (MARG) Programme

The MARG programme provides young and upcoming scientists with a reliable and flexible mechanism to turn their ideas into research projects and also offers opportunity for presentation of research results at various regional and international fora.

Three types of grants are awarded:

  1. MARG I
  2. MARG II

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